We support the this webpage as it helps people take action against the current system and it brings communities together! Wave of Action is a fantastic organization with no leader, but it is We the people who need to take action ourselves! https://waveofaction.org/

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The economic Truth Fiat Currency in Economy today is understood by most people as a Governments issue and that they will fix it. You need to know a FIAT Currency Crash will be your problem as well and the Government wont be there to help you!

Locally, nationally and internationally, The Economic Truth - we want to help you better understand the world economics. is a vocal advocate for the FIAT Currency's destruction of the world. We travel to every corner of the globe to help educate people about the Currency System used today on a global basis. We also advocate to find your own system when the system dies.,

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Take a Stand against Tyranny and Bank Run FIAT Currencies Around The World!

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If you love our message and want to share it you can always help by donating your time. Doing Research, Sharing News, sharing our message to your community. We will be publishing Information, Flyers, Presentation and Videos that can be shared with people you care about!

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We support Mike Maloney and his Hidden Secrets of Money as today's FIAT Currency system is the biggest scam in history of mankind.


The economic truth 

The world you live in is about to change and are you prepared for the coming crash of the global monetary system? We give you The Economic Truth and we believe that by educating people we can have a real revolution to change the world for a better place!
What would you do if tomorrow your Canadian dollars, Norwegian Kroner, US Dollars, Russian Rubles, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, Euro or Australian dollar became worthless?

we give you options to our failing monetary system!

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Let’s put an end to people suffering from  FIAT Currency World-Wide and Fractional     Reserve Banking.

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Our founder promotes peace and freedom worldwide by supporting Freedom Force International. they are an organization of leaders world wide who promote principles of freedom and peace through their community leadership roles and business leadership positions. Join us and support us now!